What is React Native used for?

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Software developers value technology that not only delivers quality results, but is also enjoyable to work with. This is why React Native has gained such popularity in the IT field lately. It certainly has a lot to offer, so today we will focus on what React Native is used for.

React js and React Native

To get this started right, first, we need to distinguish between two technologies:

React js is a JavaScript library for building powerful and innovative user interfaces. It is also the heart of React Native functionality. React js was developed by Facebook to meet the needs of high-performance UI components. The technology is receiving a lot of support from the community, which is constantly working to develop it.

React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create native mobile apps for iOS and Android. It offers an open source environment, excellent portability and ease of use. The use of modern technologies helps to minimize the overall development and maintenance costs of the product.

What is React Native used for?

React Native is used to create rendered mobile apps that can be developed simultaneously for iOS and Android. Software developers use the JavaScript framework to accelerate product development. React Native is equipped with pre-built components and its portability simplifies the entire application writing process. It provides high speed. processing, great responsiveness, but most importantly, the best user experience for your product. By using the Native framework, companies can create highly functional mobile apps that, after all, are as easy to use as native.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned in the beginning, React Native is one of the solutions that gives developers a lot of convenience while working.

  • Improves productivity – It streamlines all work on the product as it offers many ready-to-use components in its open source library, accelerating the development process
  • Code Reusability – The framework ensures that React developers don’t need to create a separate mobile app for each platform, and they can simply reuse the web app code to create a mobile app (if it was built in React).
  • Live Reloading – the technology supports a very useful tool that helps you compile and read the file with the changes made.
  • Hot Module Reload (HMR) – Thanks to HMR, the developer can keep the application running by making changes such as UI improvements. The developer can see the changes immediately after clicking the Save button without having to rebuild the application.
  • Cost effective – The code reuse advantage helps reduce product development costs as you don’t need a large development team to complete a project for both Android and iOS.
  • Continuous Support – The structure is in the hands of the Facebook development team, who are monitoring possible improvements and actively adding new tools to use.

Sample React Native Apps

  • Facebook is a case in point, as the creator of it, and has been an internal project at Hackathon since 2013. Facebook Ads Manager is actually the first full-fledged React Native app. If you want to know how they first introduced this technology, here is the story behind it.
  • The Elevated Living – Elevated Living app was actually developed by our React Native development company. The platform serves for booking, sales and internal management. The Redvike team designed and built a digital platform based on React Native from scratch, including its mobile and web versions. Check it out!
  • Instagram – the company has upgraded its existing app to React Native technology. As you can imagine, this rise of apps is not a trivial thing. The development team eventually succeeded in delivering the product much faster by sharing code between Android and iOS apps. You can learn more. about the real process on the Instagram Engineering blog.
  • Skype is the last but not least important online communicator in the world. Back in 2017 the Skype platform was experiencing a lot of functionality problems. The news that Skype is working on a new application was very popular with all users. The new version offered new features and also a completely new layout. More importantly, they implemented the framework in a desktop application as well.

Benefits of working with a React Native Development Company

Companies offering React Native development services are the focus of most technology leaders. This technology offers many benefits that make React developers valuable in the market. By working with Redvike, you have access to a team of skilled, ambitious and hardworking React developers who can help improve the performance of your product.