Web Development Trends: 2020 and Beyond

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Each year, we see a stream of new technologies and tools that shape web development and make digital product easier. Web development is constantly evolving with new solutions that dramatically improve the performance of web products. Staying on top of innovation is important if you want to. Be ready for the future and be ready to grow your company further, which is why here is a list of the latest trends in web development to look out for.

Latest trends in web development

We’ve picked 5 top web development trends that are currently on the rise.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Building websites that behave like native mobile apps is the most important trend in web development. PWAs are websites that provide users with high performance and can work without an Internet connection (even if users are still using a browser Building a PWA is a much cheaper investment than building your own app and you can get many benefits with it. Read the pros and cons of PWA.To learn more about this trend. There are many companies that have achieved satisfactory results by introducing PWA into their business. For example, Tinder has cut loading times by more than 50%, and Starbucks has doubled the number of daily users of the app.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Another trend in web development is the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) introduced by Google in 2015.AMP are HTML copies of existing web pages. Similar to PWAs, they improve the user experience by providing super-fast loading times (about 2 seconds) .AMP loads static content, omitting all animations and more complex elements and providing access to the most important information (text, images, etc.) This way the site becomes mobile and attracts more users. Given the fact that Google prioritizes those websites that load faster, you should definitely take care of this aspect. Develop AMP. if you notice that users are leaving your web application due to slow loading speed, it is also a good choice when the majority of your web application users access it via mobile devices.

Optimizing voice search

Speech recognition technology has already been implemented in most devices, giving people a quick and easy way to find what they need. Recent research shows that 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day. Moreover, two out of five people admit that voice devices are essential to their lives. The numbers are strong enough to show that the trend is not going anywhere. Implementation of this feature is available and brings added value to the app. Implementing a dedicated voice solution for your product can be a game-changer in terms of app users and sales results. you should definitely take a closer look at the possibilities that technology offers.

AI and cybersecurity

Recent trends in web development also include security and the approach of web development companies to this issue, and we expect AI technology to make even more contributions to data security in 2020. 80% of telecommunications companiesstated that security measures would not have been possible without artificial intelligence technology. Why? Because only a laser-focused artificial intelligence machine can detect and learn to recognize malicious activity. Nowadays, hacker attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and companies need to train systems AI to analyze network behavior patterns in order to react to any suspicious activity. Here are the steps to stay safe:

  1. Always conduct safety testing of your product
  2. Invest in website monitoring solutions
  3. Encrypt sensitive data

Motion UI

Every company should strive to make their product as interesting and attractive as possible. A design trend that will stay with us for years is called motion design. Motion UI is applied in the form of animated dynamic elements of your digital product that grab the attention of users. Take a look at the web. -sites and the dynamic elements they have. Transitions between pages, background animations, modular scrolling all make the web page more eye-catching and make users scroll all the way down to see how the next parts will look. just what you need! Entertain and intrigue them with the design of your product.

Technology stack for web development

What web development technologies should you focus on in 2021.

React js.

React js.development surpasses most of the available web development technologies for its incredible performance and ease of implementation. The JavaScript library should definitely interest you. It will help you create powerful and innovative user interfaces.

Node js.

Node js. is used to build server-side applications and offers high-performance real-time development. It is a technology that will help you deliver your MVP in no time and become your best friend while scaling your solution.


It is a platform for building single page applications using HTML and TypeScript. You can use it to build dynamic web applications and take advantage of its modularity, which speeds up your development process.


The well-known Python web framework for fast and secure web development. The very fact that it is built in Python makes it more appealing to developers who can use the easily maintained Python syntax to create even very complex web applications.

Stay on top of web development trends and you won’t go wrong

Like any reputable business, you will probably want to update your web product to a faster, more streamlined and competitive version. If you are planning to release an update in 2021, consider the aforementioned trends that will stay with us a little longer. your product will become more publicized while it matches what is currently being sold.